It’s almost show time!

Friday is the start of the biggest craft show for Briar Patch marketplace in the Phoenix AZ area. My little SUV is packed to the brim and everything fit, although I must admit I can’t see out the back window. I do have a glimpse of the side mirror. It will be an adventure getting to work tomorrow (Weds.). I do have some finished baby bibs that need tags on them but I haven’t taken photos yet to post onto Etsy (Krista B Designs). I’m too tired to do it tonight, but photos and tagging, along with a crazy effort to get another million bibs done before 6 a.m. Friday will be something to do late Thursday afternoon after coming back from Thanksgiving dinner. Oh- and there’s the binding to put on my latest quilt before Friday too. Never a dull moment-except at my day job!

Besides the crafting for Krista B Designs, I also just became an independent consultant for Scentsy. The link to my website for the Scentsy products is I first found Scentsy at one of the Briar Patch shows this autumn. My little booth was put between a Scentsy director and a father/son who manufacture and sell their jewelry and watch components. Both were going gang busters and always had people at their booths. Not too many people were interested in my baby bibs, quilts, and screen printed tshirts. At the end of the show, I told Peggy I was signing up. I’ve done pretty well so far- a carnival at an elementary school, at a fair in Glendale, and now doing basket parties with people at work. So take a look at both sites, and let me know your thoughts on what might be good to create or ways to improve, or if you’d like some of the Scentsy.


Contest is up and running

As I stated in my prior blog, one of my baby bibs has been selected to be in a contest for the Certified Tax Coach website. The contest is up and running now, so please vote for me.

The link is


My item is #4.

The details:
How to vote?

Twitter mention your favorite with the HashTag #CTCVote = 2 points (must have hashtag to count!)
Blog comment below with product number = 1 point
Write your OWN blog post on your blog and give them the link in the comments section= 10 points! (whoa!)

So have fun!

Please vote for me

Most of you know that I sell my t-shirts, quilts, and baby items on Etsy as I received an e-mail the other night from Jon from who wanted to know if I wanted to be included in the contest they are planning on having. They are an accounting group who were looking for 10 unique tax or accounting related items. My “tax deduction” bib is going to be included. The item with the most votes will have the item listed for sale on their site.

So if you get a chance later next week, please vote for me.

The craft shows are coming!

The temperature is coming down- thank goodness! For those of us in the Phoenix, AZ area, that means temps are now down to only two digits!

It also means that the Briar Patch Marketplace craft shows have started, and I’m behind the eight-ball once again!

I’ve expanded my products to include t-shirts and lots of bling! I continue on with my bibs and small quilts. I got a heat press in June and can now do screen print transfers for team events, sports, etc.I’ve been having fun with the press, although there’s been learning moments-like the lightweight distressed little black tee with a beautiful cross on it. I must have heated it a smidgen too long because the glue went thru the front of the shirt and on to the back. As I was separating the front from the back, I found I had a really distressed look- the glue had ripped holes in the back! Oh well, now I have an opportunity to embroider something on the back of the shirt to cover up the holes! And I can’t have the iron on if the heat press is on because the circuit breaker goes.

Here’s the link to the listing of the Briar Patch shows.

Please come see me if you’re local. Note- I may not make the 9/17 show, it’s AZ quilt shop week.

FYI- I’m Janice of Krista B Designs. You can also see my products on etsy at

So much fabric, so little time

Well, I finished up the last of the Memorial Day fabric sales today (Tuesday). Good news- I found that the underlining that I already had could face the back on an embroidery design on a child’s shirt-which is adorable by the way- an appliqued heart with wings on a pink tshirt. So I got sashing fabric for the monsters I’m embroidering on green dot fabric. The sashing is navy blue with yellow fist bones. The binding will be green with yellow and blue dots. Sounds unusual, but it will look great when done. I’ll post pictures. Both the flying heart and the monsters are from Anita Good-designs (Sugar and Spice and Lil Monsters respectively).

My cheap purchase was a stencil of a circular quilting pattern. Will be tracing that onto a black tshirt and using varigated thread and lots of glitter from Art Glitter Institute in Cottonwood AZ ( Should look fantastico, maybe add a Laurel Burch cat or horse on the bottom left hand side. Photos to follow.

Now for the rest. I got a pack of 25 batik fat quarters named Autumn Leaves. Going to use a pattern called “Fight North” room Mountainpeek Creations, It’s a panel in the middle with large flying geese around it, then an wide border. A picture is on the home page of her website. Going to use a Japanese print for the center. Then I also have a Laurel Burch print (several as a matter of fact) to use with geese made out her coordinating fabrics. This pattern will be great for any fabric you can’t bear to cut up!

The last little stuff I got was all-purpose inks for fantast/x made by Tsukineko. I just thought it would be great for glitter or stencil shading. Have any of you used it at all? If so, please let me know.

So many projects, so little time!

Talk to you soon,

Confessions of a Fabricholic

Several months ago, in January, when we were all making New Year’s resolutions, I foolishly said I was going to cut back on my fabric and embroidery purchases. Although I’ve bought bits and pieces, the Memorial Day sales, brought me to ruin! The sale was 25% off of everything except for sewing machines. I went overboard! The good news is that I saved over $100 at that one store. Of course I’m not counting the sales at Joanns, the glitter at Art Glitter Institute that was on sale for 50% off, or the larger purchase I had to make (minimum was $100) so that I could buy a $14 rhinestone headband for my niece’s graduation. The other good news is that my grand-daughter is also graduating high school so she’ll also get a headband- since I had to buy a minimum of three. To get to over $100, I ordered an assortment of rhinestone necklaces, so I have a head start for the fall craft shows.

Speaking of quilting, I started another Diamond quilt. Decided to get rid of some beige fabric, so cut it all into 8.5 inch squares. Had enough for 60 squares which will make two quilts. Drew a line down the middle, another line two inches from that. You just have to sew and flip six million 1.5 inch strips, leaving beige in the middle. Square the blocks, lay them out, add a border and you’re done! I’m almost done with the squares, thank goodness!

Also did some work on my embroidery machine. The very cutest purple and pink heart with wings, with a white ribbon with “Angel” on a hot pink t-shirt. Should have it up on Etsy in the next few days. Also stitched a towel with one of the designs from Balboa. That was my big purchase at the end of last year. Turned out nice, very good digitizing.

Back to my day job tomorrow morning. Finished with the month’s work last Monday. One more day of boredom before the new month starts. Can’t wait!

Snow in the Superstititions!

Well, it’s April 9, well into spring. In fact, the Phoenix area hit a record 100 degrees this past week. Now we have snow! Not in the city itself of course, but in the Superstition Mountains about 45 miles east outside Apache Junction, the little hamlet where I live. It’s been raining for about twelve hours now, a rarity in itself, and the mountain tops are covered in fog for the most part. However, the snow shows through.  We’re at about 1800 feet altitude, and I estimate the sprinkling of snow comes down to about 3,000 feet or so.

What a great day to stitch and sew!

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