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It’s a lovely day in Arizona, and when having my morning bagel I always have one or more quilting magazines to look at. It doesn’t matter how old the magazine is, I always get new ideas. I thought I would share the web links to some authors with you to give you inspiration and new ideas. This morning’s list is from American Patchwork & Quilting. It’s geared to getting you to subscribe and has several patterns for fat quarters. Listed below are the authors and their links. I haven’t vetted these to make sure they’re active, but take a look and let me know what you think.

Molly Hanson:

Mari Martin:

Darlene Zimmerman:

Kimberly Walus:

Monica Solorio-Snow:

Deanne Eisenman:


Upcoming shows

I’ve signed up for the new season of the Scottsdale Street Fair in, of course, Scottsdale, AZ. Held on Sundays through mid-may, the first show is October 7. I’ll be displaying my embroidery, quilts, and baby items.I’ve also starting doing screen printed tees. In addition, I’ll be selling my Scentsy warmers and fragrances and Velata, Scentsy’s new line of fondue warmers for Belgian chocolates. They have attendance of between 2,000 and 5,000 people weekly.

I’ve also signed up to be at Desert Mountain High School in Scottsdale for their monthly fund-raising. Will be doing the hand crafted items there. It’s organized by fellow shoppers I know. This is their first independent venture, and had about 25 vendors last month. I’m looking forward to working with them.

For more information on my wares, please check out my Etsy shop, KristaBDesigns and my Scentsy site at

The craft shows are coming!

The temperature is coming down- thank goodness! For those of us in the Phoenix, AZ area, that means temps are now down to only two digits!

It also means that the Briar Patch Marketplace craft shows have started, and I’m behind the eight-ball once again!

I’ve expanded my products to include t-shirts and lots of bling! I continue on with my bibs and small quilts. I got a heat press in June and can now do screen print transfers for team events, sports, etc.I’ve been having fun with the press, although there’s been learning moments-like the lightweight distressed little black tee with a beautiful cross on it. I must have heated it a smidgen too long because the glue went thru the front of the shirt and on to the back. As I was separating the front from the back, I found I had a really distressed look- the glue had ripped holes in the back! Oh well, now I have an opportunity to embroider something on the back of the shirt to cover up the holes! And I can’t have the iron on if the heat press is on because the circuit breaker goes.

Here’s the link to the listing of the Briar Patch shows.

Please come see me if you’re local. Note- I may not make the 9/17 show, it’s AZ quilt shop week.

FYI- I’m Janice of Krista B Designs. You can also see my products on etsy at

So much fabric, so little time

Well, I finished up the last of the Memorial Day fabric sales today (Tuesday). Good news- I found that the underlining that I already had could face the back on an embroidery design on a child’s shirt-which is adorable by the way- an appliqued heart with wings on a pink tshirt. So I got sashing fabric for the monsters I’m embroidering on green dot fabric. The sashing is navy blue with yellow fist bones. The binding will be green with yellow and blue dots. Sounds unusual, but it will look great when done. I’ll post pictures. Both the flying heart and the monsters are from Anita Good-designs (Sugar and Spice and Lil Monsters respectively).

My cheap purchase was a stencil of a circular quilting pattern. Will be tracing that onto a black tshirt and using varigated thread and lots of glitter from Art Glitter Institute in Cottonwood AZ ( Should look fantastico, maybe add a Laurel Burch cat or horse on the bottom left hand side. Photos to follow.

Now for the rest. I got a pack of 25 batik fat quarters named Autumn Leaves. Going to use a pattern called “Fight North” room Mountainpeek Creations, It’s a panel in the middle with large flying geese around it, then an wide border. A picture is on the home page of her website. Going to use a Japanese print for the center. Then I also have a Laurel Burch print (several as a matter of fact) to use with geese made out her coordinating fabrics. This pattern will be great for any fabric you can’t bear to cut up!

The last little stuff I got was all-purpose inks for fantast/x made by Tsukineko. I just thought it would be great for glitter or stencil shading. Have any of you used it at all? If so, please let me know.

So many projects, so little time!

Talk to you soon,

Moving the business forward, one widget at a time

I’d like to thank Cheryl and my husband for tonight’s post. First to Cheryl for her suggestion to use widgets so that I could link my Etsy shop, and then to my husband for setting it up.


Not just for quilting!

I’m back from Vegas. The Cher concert was great, and the winnings weren’t bad either! Suffice it to say that I now have the funds to pay for all the fabric I bought between Christmas and New Years.

About this new tool…. I started tonight with Etsy. Nothing sold today so I checked the “Quit your day job” featuring the owner of TheShabbyChicCottage. On her blog, she is featuring the chance to win the Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool.

There is a special offer to buy at $225 using promo code “sccblog”. It can make vinyl templates, stencils, scrapbook pages and phrases, rhinestone templates, as well as other stuff.  So take a look. Of course, the special’s only good for this week, but I’m sure the major sewing and craft festivals will have exhibitors doing demos. It sure looks tempting!

Next on the agenda is stitching out a few embroidery designs for the craft shows and to see if the label designs I created over the weekend pass muster. I’ll post them to the blog for you to take a look at.

See you soon,


One hour to live- Jan 11 daily post topic of the day

This is an interesting thought.. I’ve been using a version of this- “What can I do today to build my  business”- in trying to spend time effectively. Whether it’s finishing a quilt, pinning a quilt to the long-arm, or embroidering just one bib, I want to feel that I’ve done something productive that can be measured each day, not just spend hours going through e-mail or looking at designs or patterns without being able to come to a decision about what to work on.

For example, today I open my e-mail to see if there’s a message from Etsy informing me that I’ve sold something. My eyes pop as I see that I can over 300 unread messages-most related to yesterday’s daily post of “getting a buddy”! If any of you know the best way to manage this, i.e. see only those comments who actually replied to my post, please let me know. I’m sure that there’s a box I checked or left unchecked that resulted in all this e-mail.

So to stay focused, I’m going to…

1. Go to the Etsy site to check for sales rather than my e-mail inbox.

2. Set a goal of a daily post, only that I want to post something daily on Etsy, and if time allows, to also post it on

3. Do at least one stitchout a day, even if it’s only a bib, until I get my 6 needle embroidery machine back from the shop.

4. Load and quilt at least one quilt a week.

5. Decide on the next quilt pattern, and assign days to cut and piece.

6. Create a word saying in my Generations embroidery software, or at least write it down. Not that creating the words in the software takes much time, it’s all the time spent in “what if I did this, or that”.

Wow-I have got a lot to do, and only an hour before hitting the sack. Off to Esty…Wish me luck!


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