It’s almost show time!

Friday is the start of the biggest craft show for Briar Patch marketplace in the Phoenix AZ area. My little SUV is packed to the brim and everything fit, although I must admit I can’t see out the back window. I do have a glimpse of the side mirror. It will be an adventure getting to work tomorrow (Weds.). I do have some finished baby bibs that need tags on them but I haven’t taken photos yet to post onto Etsy (Krista B Designs). I’m too tired to do it tonight, but photos and tagging, along with a crazy effort to get another million bibs done before 6 a.m. Friday will be something to do late Thursday afternoon after coming back from Thanksgiving dinner. Oh- and there’s the binding to put on my latest quilt before Friday too. Never a dull moment-except at my day job!

Besides the crafting for Krista B Designs, I also just became an independent consultant for Scentsy. The link to my website for the Scentsy products is I first found Scentsy at one of the Briar Patch shows this autumn. My little booth was put between a Scentsy director and a father/son who manufacture and sell their jewelry and watch components. Both were going gang busters and always had people at their booths. Not too many people were interested in my baby bibs, quilts, and screen printed tshirts. At the end of the show, I told Peggy I was signing up. I’ve done pretty well so far- a carnival at an elementary school, at a fair in Glendale, and now doing basket parties with people at work. So take a look at both sites, and let me know your thoughts on what might be good to create or ways to improve, or if you’d like some of the Scentsy.


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