Almost back to creativity!

My husband and I packed up the rest of the Mom’s apartment and took all of it to the storage place. Mom’s in a group home, doing well, but still needs oxygen. We don’t know why since her lungs are clear. However, my sister will be coming out later this month to ask many, many questions of the Doctors. So hopefully, with the apartment done, Mom will make a full recovery and I will have to move her- again. Such is life.

I’ve been relatively good with my New Year’s resolution of using the stuff I have, rather than buying new fabric. While my spending for fabric is way down, I’ve discovered stamping and zantangles.  My goal for the stamping is to use the stamps as my starting point for making decorated t-shirts, embellishing with embroidery and glitter. Of course my shirts are going to be better than anything that Laurel Burch ever designed! Same contemporary feel with a southwestern twist. I went to the local stamp show, trying to find glitter, and poof, down goes the balance in the checking account.

Check out these:

Book- Glitz It with Glitter by Elaline Waldschmitt. I’m doing the horse design now. They are having a sale now.

Stamp store-Frenzy Stamper where I took the zentangle class a way of doing abstract drawings that are very addictive. I color mine in.

Terry Medaris stamps- out of Tucson. I’ve fallen in love with his stamps

Wholesale apparral blanks-McCrearysTees


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