Interesting websites, and always ask!

For all of you who love Laurel Burch fabric, purses, and accessories, I planned on placing a link on my blog so that you could click right to the first website I list below.  Of course, since I also had other things to do tonight, I could not get the link to work. After all, why spend time creating and actually finishing a project when you can just spend all night on the computer? I created the link, but it does not show. Any help is appreciated.

So…here it is. They are currently having a sale on Laurel Burch bags. Another site that usually has Laurel Burch on sale, generally 20% off, is I have a lot of her fabric, including some panels. Maybe I’ll do a giveaway once I decide on which fabrics. So let me know your thoughts on this.

Progress is slower than I had hoped for. Sunday I finished up three reversible child smocks including wavy stitching and velcro. I then went back to finish the one from the previous week that  only needed to have the velcro stitched on. As I picked up the smock, I noticed the two ties. Did I put the ties on the other three I had just finished? Of course not-totally forgot. No wonder they got done so quickly!

So I found some left over binding that I could use for two of them. The third one was a problem. An adorable hot pink with with doggy bones, it is a very special shade of pink. Nothing matched. No more of that fabric. I had gotten it at 40% off from a local Bernina shop between Christmas and New Years. No problem, I’d just take the smock with me to work, then go to the quilt shop and see if they had any left. I left the smock on the kitchen island. Have I mentioned that forgetfulness runs in my family?

I finally get to the quilt shop-no more fabric on bolt, or anywhere at all, the saleslady says. No fat quarters left either. Do you have any in the back-could you check? None in the back. Only a fat quarter of a coordinating print in pink and black which I can’t use. So I find some textured pink which looks like it might match, but with my luck, it would be off just enough to not do. Are you sure there’s not any more anyplace? No, sorry the saleslady says. I gave up… But wait, there’s more! I’m ready to pay for the black/pink fat quarter and 1/2 yard of the pink solid when she says, “Oh look what I found in the remnant bucket!” There it was, enough to make two 20 inch ties and a pocket to put on another smock! And-she only charged me 50 cents for it. It must be my lucky day!

Check out those websites at your leisure and let me know if you find something good!



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  1. happycatsmessyhouse
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 15:36:05

    I love Laurel Burch designs. I have a collection of the earrings from years ago.

    I’ve been struggling with the blogs and websites too. Just taking it a little each day, like your plan to grow your business a little each day.

    Hand crafted vs store bought- hhmmm. There does seem to be a difference of opinion. One member of my knitting group is prolefic. Her family asks for specific hand knit items that they want- a sweater in a particular color and style or whatever. Another crafter I know had given quilts to her family. They used one quilt as a dog bed. But some people do seem to appreciate the effort.
    Happy cats messy house.


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