Hello everyone,

I picked up my commercial embroidery machine from the shop yesterday. My plan had been to move it into the second bedroom where the long-arm is, but since one can’t enter that room without tripping over fabric, it went back into the first bedroom. After much frustration with the tension on the first needle, I was finally able to set it buzzing. I did a design from, an appliqued frog. Since I feel I also have to multi-task, I also tried two designs on my Bernina. The first one was ruined b/c the needle got loose, and on the second one, I ran out of bobbin thread. Normally that isn’t a big deal, but since I was doing a two-sided design-multi colored on both sides, it didn’t quite work. Using a cute monkey design from, I changed from the original light bobbin thread to brown for the monkey body, and its face is white and brown, like it’s been wearing sunscreen 50 on the lower part of his face. Oh well, another one for the trash.

Cheryl had asked if I did any quilt labels, and I had replied that I would try this weekend. However, why only do two things at the same time if you can do three? So while the machines were running, I was one the computer creating quilt labels. I got four completed, in various shapes and sizes. They look good on the computer, hopefully they’ll look even better once they’re stitched out. I’ll post pictures so you can take a look.

Waiting for my husband to finish packing so we can head out to Vegas. Wish me luck!

p.s. In the spirit of multi-tasking, I’m also doing a showcase on Etsy under the quilting category on Sunday.

Talk to you soon,



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