Planning your work and working your plan

Today’s suggested topic is “What I’m looking forward to.”

What I’m excited about is that by focusing and doing something to grow my business every day is working.

Last night I posted a bib on Etsy and it sold today to a shopper who lives in Washington.  Another Etsy seller added me to one of her Treasury lists. I’m not quite sure how that works, but it means that they found me among all the 170,000 shops. If they can find me, then other people can too. So I listed another item,  packed my sold item, and will mail it tomorrow. I’ve also purchased a Showcase on Sunday in the Quilt section of Etsy which highlights up to ten quilts that I have.

I also met a fellow blogger, who until two years ago, lived in the town next to me. She now lives in Canada, but what a small world!

I also selected my next quilt project, decided which quilt to put on the long-arm, and what backing I’m going to use.

So keep plugging along and don’t get discouraged. Great things are bound to happen.

Talk to you soon,



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