One hour to live- Jan 11 daily post topic of the day

This is an interesting thought.. I’ve been using a version of this- “What can I do today to build my  business”- in trying to spend time effectively. Whether it’s finishing a quilt, pinning a quilt to the long-arm, or embroidering just one bib, I want to feel that I’ve done something productive that can be measured each day, not just spend hours going through e-mail or looking at designs or patterns without being able to come to a decision about what to work on.

For example, today I open my e-mail to see if there’s a message from Etsy informing me that I’ve sold something. My eyes pop as I see that I can over 300 unread messages-most related to yesterday’s daily post of “getting a buddy”! If any of you know the best way to manage this, i.e. see only those comments who actually replied to my post, please let me know. I’m sure that there’s a box I checked or left unchecked that resulted in all this e-mail.

So to stay focused, I’m going to…

1. Go to the Etsy site to check for sales rather than my e-mail inbox.

2. Set a goal of a daily post, only that I want to post something daily on Etsy, and if time allows, to also post it on

3. Do at least one stitchout a day, even if it’s only a bib, until I get my 6 needle embroidery machine back from the shop.

4. Load and quilt at least one quilt a week.

5. Decide on the next quilt pattern, and assign days to cut and piece.

6. Create a word saying in my Generations embroidery software, or at least write it down. Not that creating the words in the software takes much time, it’s all the time spent in “what if I did this, or that”.

Wow-I have got a lot to do, and only an hour before hitting the sack. Off to Esty…Wish me luck!


KristaB Designs


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