Blogging or stitching?

Since I last wrote, I have made some progress, but not intentionally! I had bought some more designs, this time from, and stitched out a test copy. Here’s where I almost pulled my hair out.

This was a very cute design, the letter “M”, lots of retro dots around the “M”, and then “mike” spelled out in small letters. The plan was to stitch it out on a beer kozie for my honey. However, the tension on the machine was terrible and the red thread kept breaking. Of course, for the last five projects, there had never been a problem with the red thread.

So, I decided on Saturday I would take the commercial embroidery machine to the dealership to get fixed. That led to my having to clear a pathway to get the machine to, and through, the bedroom door. I just pushed stuff out of the way to move the machine, and finally finished cleaning the sewing room by 5pm Sunday. I had forgotten how big the room was!

Of course, a lot of stuff, including 3 huge bags of quilting scraps are in the 2nd sewing room where I have my long arm quilting machine, but hey, progress is progress! AND…I have not bought any fabric for five days! If you’re addicted to fabric, like I am, you know what an accomplishment this is.

I also finished a quilt, took photos of it for, listed several items, and stitched out a bib. My goals this week are to participate in the Postaweek2011 challenge at WordPress, finish more stuff, and maybe start on the second bedroom. But I won’t hold my breath!

See you soon!


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